czwartek, 5 listopada 2015

The truly magical meeting with Mrs. Justyna Mazela, the owner of "Gardenia" Florist's in Tychy

Today we had a great chance to pay a visit to the real florist Mrs. Justyna Mazela, the owner of "Gardenia" Florist's in Tychy. Unfortunately, Peter was ill, so only Weronika and Madzia attended the meeting together with Mrs. Anna Krakowska. The meeting was magical indeed from the very first moment! When we entered the unbelievable smell of flowers welcomed us as well as the great smile of Mrs. Justyna. After we introduced each other, we asked questions concerning florist's job such as a typical day of florist, the pros and cons of being one, the knowledge a florist should have and training to become one. Mrs. Justyna described everything clearly and in a very interesting way. She told us it is her dream job. As a florist you have to wake up early, have good organizational skills and the ability to work under time pressure. After that, our Tutor gave us training of bouquet making. It was not an easy task but we listened to all instructions and did our best. At the end Mrs. Justyna taught us how to make a bow out of a ribbon. The result was really astonishing, you can see it below :) We made the first in life bouquets, which we could take home with us! That was such a pleasant feeling! All in all, the meeting was really unique and Mrs. Justyna gave us a lot of inspiration and also proved that it is worth to follow your dreams :-) Thank you very much for inviting us!

środa, 21 października 2015

Ideas for Christmas fair

Every year in December there is the Christmas Fair in our school. Before that we make decorations, bake cakes and biscuits to be sold on this day to our parents, teachers and other members of school community. The Florists' Club at the meeting devoted to origami made Christmas trees out of paper according to the instructions found online:

We were really successful and you can have a look at our trees below and make one!!! :-)

środa, 7 października 2015

National Education Day is coming... :-)

Our club took part in preparations of so called Teachers' Day, but actually it is the National Education Day. We supported the Student Council and made 33 handmade cards for our teachers, school secretaries, accountants and our dear cleaning staff members. We used the techniques such as stamping, cutting and embossing. Have a look at them!

środa, 23 września 2015

Food carving :-)

We decided to have a go in food carving again. This time our choice was making a crab out of an apple according to the project found on this site:

First, we analyzed the project and discussed it, then we started carving.

The task was quite easy as we were ready with crabs in ten minutes. 

Piotrek even decided to add some variations to his crab, so it had a really nice and modern haircut :-) See for yourself!

Try preparing it at home as an encouraging and healthy snack for your family :-)

środa, 9 września 2015

Easter seems to be quite distant :-) 

At our first meeting this school year we discussed about the health and safety regulations. It is very important to know how to use all the equipment in the safe way. We use scissors and other sharp tools during classes so it must be done it the proper way, therefore each club member sits in their own area. Working with Cuttlebug machine also demands safety precautions so that no one puts a hand inside the machine. Last year we worked really carefully so we are sure that this year everything will be all right :-)

In the second part of our meeting we had a chance to use new Easter cutting dies so we planned how to make a beautiful Easter cards for next year :-)

środa, 12 sierpnia 2015

Our tasks to be completed this school year:


Organizacja warsztatu pracy. Pojęcie estetyki. Przepisy BHP związane z użyciem narzędzi.
Podstawy i historia scrapbookingu. Przygotowywanie bazy do kartki (bigowanie). Embossing na zimno - wycinanie i wytłaczanie ornamentów z papieru.
Barwienie białych kwiatów za pomocą barwników spożywczych.
Stemplowanie, dziurkowanie i embossing na gorąco.
Ikebana – sztuka układania kwiatów. Układanie bukietów – spotkanie
z florystą w kwiaciarni.
Quilling czyli papierowy filigran – technika papieroplastyki.
Podstawy pielęgnacji roślin – podlewanie, nawożenie, przesadzanie.
Coś z niczego - wykorzystanie odpadów do wykonania dekoracji.
Malowanie na tkaninie – przygotowanie T-shirtów.
Iris folding – holenderska sztuka wykonywania wzorów.
Malowanie na szkle.
Digi stamping - w jaki sposób przygotowywać i modyfikować stemple cyfrowe.
Wykonanie świecznika – zrób to sam (DIY).
Origami – chińska sztuka składania papieru.
Spacer po kwiaty polne. Podstawy zasuszania roślin. Projekt zielnika.
Decoupage – technika ozdabiania przedmiotów za pomocą serwetek.
Carving - rzeźbienie w owocach i warzywach.
Spersonalizowany zeszyt – połączenie technik poznanych podczas warsztatów.
Tworzenie zielnika z polnych kwiatów charakterystycznych dla naszego regionu.
Podsumowanie warsztatów. Tworzenie wspólnego ‘sekretu’ (mozaika pod szkłem zakopana w ziemi) w szkolnym ogrodzie.